The INPUT 2020

Input sets up shop from 4 to 7 May 2020 at Potsdam’s Schiffbauergasse!

The Schiffbauergasse (Shipbuilder’s Lane) provides a perfect playground for independent culture and multi-genre arts: high tech enterprises thrive next to modern dance companies, the Hans-Otto Theatre or the Fluxus Museum are known flagships of cultural activity.

Located near Potsdam’s historical centre and the Glienicker Brücke - the famous bridge on the East/West border where spies were frequently exchanged - it is a place of creativity and diversity.

The history of the Schiffbauergasse on the river Havel is eventful: ceremonial sites of the New Stone Age turned into Slavic hunting grounds before the area eventually developed into a shipyard for steamboats. A chicory mill (now an Italian restaurant) and the Freund’s Gas Works were among the first industrial facilities of Potsdam. The 19th century also saw 600 Prussian Hussars quartered in the military barracks, built by the famous architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel. The buildings were used by military of all kinds for over 200 years until 1994 – when the Russian KGB finally packed its bags. In the seventies Potsdam’s party scene moved into one of the former riding halls, and many well-known musicians played on the stage of the “Russian Hall”.