Mini-Inputs & Rules

Mini-INPUT & Best of INPUT

In recognition that a great many working TV professionals cannot make it to the main INPUT Conference each year, Mini-INPUTs and Best of INPUTs, are held in more than 30 countries to allow greater access for all each year.

Mini-INPUTs focus on the edition in the same year, and take place after the INPUT Conference which is held each year in May. 
Best of INPUTs in contrast may focus on the previous three years of INPUT pre-ceding the event.

These events are usually organised by the National Coordinators, the Goethe Institut and/or other partners of INPUT - depending on where the Mini-INPUT of Best of INPUT will take place.

All programmes for these events can be obtained from the INPUT International Hubs - of which there are six - or you can obtain the programmes from the INPUT Archive in Barcelona, Spain or the Goethe-Institut in Munich, Germany.

 Some conditions apply when organising either of these events. Please stick to these guidelines to ensure professionalism when organising either of these events.


Mini-INPUTs & Best of INPUTs are coordinated by Claudine Cyr - member of the INPUT International Board from Canada.

Claudine Cyr

National Coordinator - Canada (French)
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