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INPUT 2017 Review: Diving into the «Coral Reef» of Public Broadcasters

14 June 2017

Konstantinos Karikis, our colleague from the Greek Broadcasting Corporation - ERT wrote a review of this years' conference:

‘For the past 41 years representatives of Public Broadcasters from every corner of the world have been gathering annually in order to spend four days together. Four days full of ideas, reflections, experiments both successful and not so successful, productions full of innovative vibes, but also projects inundated with clichés: INPUT, hosted this year in Thessaloniki, the capital of the Greek north, from 7 to 11 May, is NOT your typical «Public Relations» convention. It does not look like a typical congress of the …«Party» of Public Broadcasters where after a boring string of speeches repeating themselves on the absolute necessity of the very existence of Public TVs, and after large portions of self-confirmation, the attendees will elect the new «Central Committee», they will sing the «anthem of the party» and will dedicate themselves to drinking cocktails by the pool at sunset. Nothing of the kind. Actually, attendees are not elected, they are not even proper «delegates»…’

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