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First session announcement for Brooklyn Conference!

27 February 2018

INPUT 2018 will be composed of 26 sessions, covering a broad spectrum of topics that concern public service broadcasters and program makers around the world: from political programming, recipes for how to treat difficult topics, reality drama, visual storytelling.

Over the next weeks we will introduce all sessions. Today we start with a session scheduled for Wednesday, 2 May:

Under the Influence – Youtubers for a Change

Social Influencers are taking over the world. Young people with a huge number of followers are successful content producers on platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. They produce videos, share photos, start conversations engage audiences and reach huge numbers of followers and subscribers with what they do. The advertising industry has already embraced them – placing big brands in their videos or organizing social events where these so-called ‘influencers’ are the new big stars.

In this session we will try to find out how we as public broadcasters can ‘use’ those influencers for our programs. How can it be done? What are some of the rules that you have to follow? And how exactly do the minds of those influencers work? We will also talk about what is in it for them? Why do some want to work with public broadcasters and why some won’t.

At the end of the session you will leave with a checklist and lots of input on how you can successfully cooperate with influencers and what the ‘no-gos’ are when you do.

The detailed conference schedule for INPUT 2018 will be online as of Friday 13 April.