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Second session announcement for Brooklyn Conference!

13 March 2017

PSB archives are national treasures: they contain pieces of a nation’s history, evidence what really happened, and iconic images that form our collective memory.

Over the next weeks we will introduce all sessions on our website, for starters. Session scheduled for Thursday, 3 May:

History As You Have Never Seen it Before
Innovative ways of using historic archive material to tell new stories

Now as our libraries move from tape to digital files, it’s easier than ever to access them and share them with others. The power of interpreting history is not just in the hands of the public broadcaster, but also in the hands of the public. New technology is also making it easier than ever for creators to mess with the original material - to rearrange it, erase it, or add new layers.

In this session, we invite you to immerse yourself in striking examples of public broadcasters using archives, not just to show what happened in the past, but also to imagine stories that never happened. We’ll find out why the program creators chose to tell these particular stories with the footage at hand, and hear some cautionary tales. Is it possible to take archival material out of context, without despoiling or appropriating it? How do these new, imagined stories serve our audiences, compared with historic narratives told in a more linear, chronological way? Do these innovative techniques create fake history, or bring us closer to the truth?