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Sixth session announcement for Brooklyn Conference!

29 March 2018

One of the most essential, but not very sexy tasks of public service broadcasters is to initiate public debate. How do you bring up difficult and sensitive topics in the right way? What will cause the nation to, indeed, discuss these topics? Or is it just simply ‘luck’ if it does happen?

Session scheduled for Wednesday, 2 May:

How to Get the Audience to Discuss Difficult Topics

A German and a Dutch approach topped off with some Polish inspiration

This session examines how the Germans use a traditional TV drama as a way to discuss a national trauma. And how the Dutch came up with a politically incorrect cringe comedy that coincidentally broke all rating records (both linear and online) and subsequently caused a ‘primary-hell-hype’ to break out all across the country.

We will top off this afternoon of fiction screening with a very special and inspiring Polish program. Rave reviews and multi festival awards have been received for this hybrid Polish trip through the world of adolescence. Is it fiction? Is it a documentary? Does it need a label or can we just celebrate its vibrant style?

Foto: Copyright Alexander Fischerkoesen im Auftrag der Polyphon und des WDR.