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Third session announcement for Brooklyn Conference!

13 March 2017

Public service media are given the role of the safe heaven when it comes to children’s programming. In many parts of the world we are the only source of educational content.

Session scheduled for Tuesday, 1 May:

Parental Guidance Suggested:
The role of public broadcasters in the arena of children’s programming.

But should there be blind trust in public media content? Well meant is not always well done. Or do we underestimate the ability of our youngsters to understand complex issues?

What do we have to do to keep our children to public service programs? How can we make educative programming appealing? How far can we go to achieve that? At the same time, do we really have to be the parent? What is the role of the actual parents in the consumption of children’s programming?

In this session we will screen four very different programs for audiences from 9 to 12 years old. Can we be educative and funny at the same time? How far can we go with simplifications to be informative? When do we cross the line and become pedantic and patronizing? Should we really teach our kids “a lesson”?
Which of the screened programs would you allow your kids to watch?