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Fourth session announcement for Brooklyn Conference!

26 March 2018

Stories of war often focus on the fighters, the battles, the generals and their strategies. How often have we seen the story of war told through accounts of victory and loss, survival and death on the battlefield?

Session scheduled for Friday, 4 May:

Telling War Stories, Far From the Front Lines

These three documentaries offer a different lens on war, with compelling stories of people who found themselves on the periphery of the battlefield. Meet intelligence analysts wrestling with their conscience (and PTSD) as drone missiles strike down innocent Afghans. See the lives of war refugees reduced to their basic needs of food, medicine and schooling. Hear from young women who grew up as children in a city under siege, ‘missed’ by snipers and shells, but not left unscathed. Each character is haunted in their own way, proving war’s reach is wide and endures for generations.

This session will examine our definition of ‘war victim’ and whether some victims’ stories are more worthy of telling than others. Whose voices are we missing? How far should we go when dealing with state secrets? Does a documentary have more impact when it abandons journalistic balance and takes a stand?