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Fifth session announcement for Brooklyn Conference!

27 March 2018

In some countries LGBT stories are still an utter taboo. In other countries LGBT programs have been present on public service broadcasting networks for a long time and audiences might feel they have seen it all.

Session scheduled for Thursday, 3 May:

Let’s Go One Step Further!
Looking closer - and closer - at LGBT history, rights and lives

But how have these stories been told and who has been telling them? Has the audience really already seen all the important stories? In the world of sports, for example, it is still difficult to talk about being gay. In many families there are big secrets – what might happen if a closer look at your own parents reveals a hidden truth? And what about growing up not knowing if you are a man or a woman; could you to tell your story? And all those untold stories from the past – there are many and they need to be told.

In this session you will watch different approaches from different Western countries on how to dig deeper and explore new LGBT stories, where to find new faces and how to push boundaries. It might inspire you to look closer – and closer - in your own country. You’ll leave this session feeling empowered to dig deeper, more confident about how to make that first program. Or perhaps you will return to work with a new idea of whom to partner with in order to see more.