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Eighth session announcement for Brooklyn Conference!

6 April 2018

Around the world, topics that were once taboo are now becoming part of the mainstream conversation. Thanks in part to the #metoo movement, people are talking about sexual harassment and sexual assault more openly than ever before. But there are still plenty of subjects - like illness, misogyny and race - that people struggle to talk about in public.

Session scheduled for Wednesday, 2 May:

Changing Society, One Program at a Time
Why are public broadcasters falling behind when it comes to difficult and necessary discussions?

In this session, you’ll see four distinctive and striking examples of people using the media to kickstart important conversations, and accelerate social change. In Canada, a young man with a fatal disease launches a podcast to get people talking about illness. In India, a Bollywood star launches a talk show to tackle the taboo topic of misogyny. In the United States, a 3D-printed doll host encourages young, diverse creators to tell their stories. And in Sweden an average white male tries to experience discrimination.

What are the secret ingredients that enable these media makers to bring difficult topics to light so successfully? And what can public broadcasters learn from these examples? In a rapidly changing media landscape, how did public broadcasters lose their power as an engine of social debates? Shouldn’t we be leading these conversations, instead of waiting for thenext hashtag to go viral?

The detailed conference schedule for INPUT 2018 will be online as of Friday 13 April.