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Ninth session announcement for Brooklyn Conference!

18 April 2018

Forget the late-night talk shows and check out four totally different formats to engage audiences in political stories.

Session scheduled for Tuesday 1 May:

Let’s Make Our Political Programming Great Again

In the era of Trump and fake news, Brexit and a global refugee crisis, meaningful political programming is more important than ever. Public broadcasters have an important role when it comes to informing audiences about civic issues and holding politicians to account.
There are plenty of late night talk show hosts, mocking the people in power. But is that all there is? How do you keep viewers engaged and interested in political stories? In this session we will screen four totally different formats, which try to make politics digestible
for all audiences. The creators tell us about the particular challenges they face when it comes to getting political in their countries and let us in on their thoughts about how public broadcasters can ensure their political programming remains relevant? Are we informing our audiences, or
making them more cynical? Do these creative approaches lead to a deeper understanding of those in power or are they purely entertaining? Are we inadvertantly letting the concept of democratic government voted in by informed citizens die a slow and quiet death?