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Tenth session announcement for Brooklyn Conference!

19 April 2018

Thanks to the #metoo and Time’s Up movements we are reminded once again of the danger of being silenced and made invisible. And obviously the fight cannot stop with successful hashtags.

Session scheduled for Tuesday, 1 May:

#metoo – Looking Back … in Admiration.
To Those Who Paved the Way

In this session we are letting strong women from history walk the streets again. Whether they are fighting for the right to work, vote or just being respected in the work place, they can still show us the way. And while history is brought to life, we can ask ourselves how far women have come since then? Have things really changed that much? And who is telling the story? Women? Or are men feeding the narratives about women into public broadcasting? Are there enough women-deciders, public broadcast CEOs? Where are the women directors? And what difference does or would it make? In this session we hope to lay our fingers on modern myths, day-to-day sexism and subversive strategies against gender discrimination featuring in every (media) woman’s life.