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Twelfth session announcement for Brooklyn Conference!

23 April 2018

Every broadcaster is preoccupied with the notion of age. How can we reach a young audience without alienating our fanbase, the old people?

Session scheduled for Wednesday, 2 May:

Who the Hell Is Interested In Older People?
They are the most loyal viewers, yet they are bored by themselves

Whilst societies in so many countries grow older, the public broadcasters spend a lot of time exploring issues of aging. But who is really interested
in things about old age and its problems? In this session we will examine various ways in which program-makers attempt to create hit-formats
that break the prejudice and deal with issues of old age. Whether in documentary, fiction or reality formats – looking at older people is a hot trend.
Do viewers feel connection to the optimistic portraits of seniors?
Are public broadcasters guilty of propagating an unattainable image of the older generation?
What are the cultural differences?
What can be done better?