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INPUT & MyClimate

2 March 2020

At INPUT we are aware that the imminent threat from climate change and inequality in the world will naturally give rise to questions about the need for transportations to international conferences like INPUT and the carbon footprint which comes with it.

The mission of INPUT is to bring media professionals with different cultural backgrounds together to share and discuss knowledge of public media, the role it plays for society, technological and market changes, and the hopes and challenges for the future.

We thereby want to contribute to the strengthening of transparent and enlightening medias, diversity in societies, inclusion and democracy.

We strongly believe in the value of analogue face-to-face meetings and the dialogue they create. Therefore, despite the well argumented need to decrease international travels, we find that having conferences like INPUT is still of great importance.

At the same time we want to encourage our participants to contribute to organisations, which are helping in those parts of the world, where climate change and inequality are hitting the hardest. We have chosen to support MyClimate and make it easy for INPUT goers to support this project with a contribution:

You can read more about Myclimate here: