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INPUT 2020 in Potsdam postponed to 2021

4 May 2020

This year will have to be the first in 44 years without an INPUT conference. The next INPUT will take place in Potsdam in May 2021.

The year 2020 will not be forgotten easily and in the future we will hear many stories about this period when people around the globe were asked to distance themselves, to stay away from their friends, to stay at home. All this is so much against what INPUT stands for since 1977. This year will have to be the first in 44 years without an INPUT conference.
The next INPUT will take place in Potsdam in May 2021.
This decision was not taken easily by the International Board. All of us have been looking forward to meeting up with you in Potsdam this week, as you will see from the personal messages below. All the work already done for this year’s conference is not lost. We will include major parts of the selection in our programme for INPUT 2021.
Yes, we are very optimistic that there will be a conference next May, in Potsdam, and we will do what we can to make it happen!
We’ll let you know about the exact dates and procedure in the months to come.

“Dear Friends:
These are unprecedented times we are facing, and although we will miss you at INPUT, we will have to postpone our enthusiasm until it is safe. In the United States, things are getting better, but we have experienced more from this outbreak of the virus than ever expected. I know that all of our global partners have had this as well. Our hearts go out to you.
Please take care and be safe. We look forward to being together, sharing, and trying to return to a new normal as soon as possible!
My sincere regards, Judy”
Judy Tam, INPUT President

“Greetings to INPUT people from Finland, Helsinki and Yle. Missing all old friends and colleagues, and also those I was so close to get to know. But this is not the end of the world, or INPUT, so one day, in future, we’ll meet. And that day I will have one Corona beer. Till then, keep up your spirits.”
Jouko Salokorpi, Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Finland

“Being stuck in my home for months now, I really have had a chance to think life over. I am grateful of how many lovely memories, cheerful moments and dear friends INPUT has given me over the years (besides professional development, of course). I am looking forward to see you all again in a future world of recovery. INPUT is hope!”
Anna Birgersson-Dahlberg, Sweden

“Canadians will miss our European adventure this spring but will be thrilled to see all our INPUT friends in Potsdam.”
Jim Williamson, CBC, Canada

“It is the most logical and sensible decision to move the INPUT conference Potsdam 2020 to Potsdam 2021. This is in the interest of the safety of the participants and also to protect the unique INPUT approach.
Hope to see you all back in 2021 in good health!”
Bart de Poot, VRT, Belgium

“Global events like a pandemic remind us that our human connections across borders are more important than ever and INPUT allows us to share our stories from around the world. While we had to postpone this year’s INPUT we look forward to gathering at the right time and our work as storytellers and public broadcasters will be more urgent than ever.”
Tamara Gould, ITVS, USA

“Such strange and disruptive times we are living in… I hope you and your loved ones are alright.”
Jacomien Nijhof, Evangelische Omroep - EO, The Netherlands

“I hope you are all getting along. Some countries have a tougher time than others. I send you my best hopes.
It’s been strange and challenging, but it’s also been an occasion of rediscovering the value of a lot of things: time, nature, less traffic, better air. Hopefully we can take some of that with us, when we return to a “new normal”.”
Nikolaj Christensen, Danish Media School, Denmark

“From our global (Goethe-)perspective I do not see a realistic chance of having a worthwhile conference this year. Many of the big events have already shifted to autumn and are causing clashes with the regular autumn events…
Plus, this would give us the chance of re-planning our Goethe seminar for Potsdam!
All the best to all of you from my bed-sorry, work-room… stay healthy!”
Marc-André Schmachtel, Goethe-Institut

“Public Broadcasting has hardly ever been as important as in these crazy days of the virus. So let’s focus on producing great and meaningful programs now - and celebrate and discuss them at Input 2021 in Potsdam.”
Hansrüdi Schoch, SRG SSR, Switzerland