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See you at INPUT 2022!

8 December 2020

We wish you all a very wonderful start into a happy new year 2021 - unfortunately we will not see you at INPUT next year, because to our sincere regret we have to postpone the next INPUT conference to the year 2022.

With the knowledge we have today, we cannot assume that next May colleagues from all continents will be allowed to travel to Germany. And the INPUT International Board has unanimously decided not to prepare an event that only some members of the international INPUT family will be able to attend.
The decision to move INPUT once more did not come easily to the Board. All of us were looking forward to meeting up with you in 2021 in Potsdam again! But the INPUT conference is a real-life event - not a webinar or virtual meeting and at the moment we cannot plan to carry into effect a real-life event in the foreseeable future.

Thanks to all the National Coordinators, Submitters and especially to the INPUT Moderators who spent a lot of time preparing a conference in 2020/21:
Anandana Kapur (India), Eren McGinnis (USA), Kåre Vedding Poulsen (Denmark), Laurene Addy (Ghana), Manuel Thalmann (Switzerland), Marika Kecskeméti (Finland), Mirande de Jong (The Netherlands), Sabine Eckhard (Germany), Sergi Vicente (Spain), Shin Yasuda (Japan), Tarannum Kamlani (Canada)
They all agreed to join us as INPUT Moderators in 2022!

Let’s continue to work for excellence and innovation in the public media story telling and let’s stay sane and healthy!
As soon as we have fixed the dates for the conference in 2022 we will let you know so that you can block the dates in your agenda.
Until then take care, chin up, keep smiling and make the best of this challenge!