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Come Hell or high water – nothing can put us off INPUT in Barcelona!

4 May 2022

To know before you go (II)

The wonderful remark ‘Come Hell or high water – nothing can put us off INPUT in Barcelona!’ from colleagues in Denmark has become the motto in the last stage of our preparations – thank you Dorte, John and Niels-Ole, it will be great to meet with you and more than 300 other colleagues in Barcelona at the conference location provided by the the Universitat Pompeu.

Please keep in mind to wear a mask inside the conference venue at all times.

You will find us at the INPUT Welcome Desk on Monday 9 May, from 14:00 until 20:00. And on all the four following days from 9:00 to 18:00. INPUT Delegates who have registered online please check-in and pick up the conference material.

On Monday 9 May at 19:30 you are invited for the INPUT 2022 Opening Reception at the conference location. 

On Tuesday10 May after conference sessions, you have the opportunity to join the Walking tour Barcelona, a movie city.

Meet your colleagues from 31 countries at the traditional INPUT Midweek Party:

Wednesday evening,11 May. Get your tickets now.

And please find some additional information on the Special Session scheduled on Thursday evening, 12 May.

Last but not least, on Friday evening, 13 May the host for INPUT 2023 will be revealed: join the closing session of INPUT 2022.

But before we all head to Barcelona, here is some information you might find useful:

In order to enter Spain, all passengers, regardless of the country of origin (except children under the age of 12 and passengers in international transit), must show one of these documents:

An EU DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE or EU EQUIVALENT of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative certificate of an active infection diagnostic test or a recovery certificate after having this disease.
SpTH QR. If you do not have the EU Digital COVID Certificate or equivalent, you must complete the SpTH Health Control Form, manually entering the details of your vaccination, recovery or diagnostic test certificate. This form can be found in this website
You can consult the list of high-risk countries/areas in this link