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Covering Conflict in the Age of Terror:

4 April 2016

Panel debate with CBC, BBC and PBS at INPUT 2016 on the opening day of INPUT 2016 in Calgary.

Moderator Fiona Conway, Executive Director CBC News Programming asks:

Who are you calling a terrorist? In the journalism world, there is perhaps no more loaded and difficult word than ‘terrorism’. Those who use it in their reportage often face an avalanche of criticism. After all, it is often said that one person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. The debate around the use of word ‘terror’ is so fraught that even the United Nations has shied away from defining it. But journalists can’t avoid the issue. Every day, in battle zones around the world, journalists are faced with describing both the perpetrators and the victims of deadly attacks.This discussion revolves around three broadcasters’ approaches to covering conflict in the age of terror.

Peter Raymont, Director Guantanamo’s Child, Denis Edney, Lawyer for Omar Khadr, Jonathan Whitten, Executive Director News Content CBC, Jonathan Munro, Head of Newsgathering at BBC and Andrew Metz Managing Editor PBS Frontline will also discuss how covering conflict has changed for news organisations over the years and how story telling can keep the audience engaged with a difficult but important subject.

Monday, 9 May, 16:30 to 18:00, Calgary Convention Centre, BLUE ROOM