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International Selection Week!

3 July 2016, Photo @ Karen Ball

Germany, Berlin

A sneak peek at some highlights for INPUT 2016 in Calgary from 8 to 12 May 2016:

12 INPUT Moderators have put an exciting lineup together in Berlin. Out of 250 entries submitted from all corners of the world they have chosen some 80 programmes which best demonstrate the state of the art in public broadcasting programming and will raise discussions that are of concern to all of us.
In keeping with the motto “storytelling in the public interest“ the well over 20 INPUT sessions will deal with topics like:

Virtual Reality
Local stories for a global audience
Do we pay a price for our engagement in the web?
How do we cover our political leaders?
Formatting intimacy - new talk programmes
and –how to access the young audience!

All sessions will be introduced on our website one by one, and we promise:
INPUT 2016 will be worth the trip to Canada!