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Organize a Mini-INPUT or Best of INPUT in your country!

6 June 2016

Mini-INPUTs focus on the edition in the same year, and take place after the INPUT Conference which is held each year in May!

So this summer and the following autumn are excellent times to organise a mini-input from the INPUT 2016 Calgary Selection.

All programmes for these events can be obtained from the INPUT International Hubs - of which there are five - or you can obtain the programmes from the INPUT Archive in Barcelona, Spain. All Mini-INPUT events organized in cooperation with a Goethe-Institut get the programme copies directly from the Goethe Head office in Munich, Germany.
Find the Hubs here.

And please observe the following rules:

  1. A INPUT National Coordinator or an INPUT Board member should be present during any Mini-INPUT.

  2. Strictly no commercial use: No fee may be charged for the Mini-INPUT. No broadcasting or streaming of the shown programmes.

  3. Mini-INPUTs are aimed towards a professional audience and may be hosted in the context of professional training only!

  4. The person who submitted the production to the conference has to be made aware of the use of his programme and the context in which it will be screened and must grant permission to use the production. (You find the contact details in the INPUT Catalogue by clicking here ).

  5. INPUT must be made aware of any Mini-INPUT that is organized. Please notify the Secretariat in Berlin, and provide information about the dates and place of your Mini-INPUT and a final report plus photos about your activity within a month after the event.

  6. Please give credit to the Moderators and/or INPUT Secretariat when using the relevant catalogue texts and session descriptions.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Secretariat in Berlin for further questions: