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Yahooo! – INPUT Calgary 2016

6 June 2016

Some delegates saw grey geese, others saw grizzly bears - all of them saw cowboy hats when they registered in the Telus Convention Centre, entering the spirit of INPUT Calgary.

More than 80 programmes in 29 sessions provided ample food for discussion and thought among the many TV makers from around the world who gathered in downtown Calgary and ruled the bars and restaurants of Stephen Avenue. How relevant will Virtual Reality become to broadcasting? Where are the limits of cross media projects? How can young audiences be attracted? What are the recipes for success and co-operation? The conversations never stopped.

The Canadian hosts outdid themselves giving their visitors a flavour of Alberta: a warm welcome, tasty bison stew and rhythmic rites performed by indigenous Canadians impressed the crowd at the opening, irresistible beats from two live bands and the visiting Belgian DJs Radio Gaga at the midweek party got just about every delegate on to the dance floor.
Friendships were forged, thoughts exchanged and professional co-operations initiated: with or without grizzly bears, a great and fruitful time was had at INPUT Calgary. Thank you to the hosts and a loud Yahoooooo! to them.