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Searching for material about Sergio Borelli - one of the founding fathers of INPUT

15 February 2016

This is a request from his daughter Caterina Borelli for finding archival footage: film, video, photos for a documentary she is making.

My father, Sergio Borelli, is known to the INPUT community as the last still- standing of the “founding fathers”. But not many know about his life’s trajectory, what brought him as a young journalist in post-WWII Milan to be the first Italian correspondent in Moscow during the Cold War; to covering the Algerian war; to his first TV stories. To producing TV programs where he experimented mixing fiction with reportage; and, finally, to connecting with other TV professionals in founding INPUT.

That is why I am making THE HOUSE HE BUILT, a documentary about Sergio. In the film, as we move from room to room in the multistoried house he built in Trastevere, in Rome, we unfold the life of a curious and learned man that has made a career observing the way we all look at the world. Of course, as the film portrays an older man, it will also be a story about aging. In our interactions on camera he talks about episodes of his professional career and obviously INPUT will play a big part.

INPUT conferences were in many cases covered by local TV-stations. In some of those broadcast segments Sergio was present and – possibly - one of the interviewees. If you have available or have information about this kind of archival footage – film, video, photos – that could be included in the documentary, please visit our web site at or contact me directly at

Caterina Borelli