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The Future is Now at INPUT 2016 Calgary!

27 April 2016

Virtual Reality - The Next Best Thing or The End of Storytelling..

Everyone is talking about VR - virtual reality - a catch word that’s used to describe 360s and new media that lift the image off the screen into new dimensions to put you at the centre of the story. VR challenges us all to look differently about everything we know about visual narrative - or flatties - as they are now called in the VR world. Whether you’re into flatties or 3D, Input takes you deep to the digital frontier to meet the makers who are working in VR.
Dylan Pearce has worked extensively with virtual reality and 360-degree stereoscopic filmmaking. He most recently directed the award-winning 40 Below and Falling 3D and is currently developing his next 3D feature film and exploring new forms of storytelling in a VR Series.

Karen Vanderborght (@photo) is a VR Director/DOP/Editor who is pushing digital innovation most recently for Canada’s National Film Board and La Presse. She’s now working on the front lines of innovative technology testing and re-inventing visual narrative for VR productions. In a special Input session Karen and Dylan will give you the 101 on VR technology and how it makes ‘experience’ the ‘story’. Who the audience is and how to craft their role in the story? How do you ‘direct’ in a 3D world and how does interaction becomes narrative?
Whether you’re a VR techie or a curious newbie - this session is bound to spark your questions and imagination and change the way you think of visual storytelling.

Let’s Go Viral
Going viral is the million+ views jackpot of the digital media age. But more than 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube alone. Only the tiniest fraction will go on to become a viral cultural moment. So how does it happen? Why not ask a Youtube pro. Input offers a rare occasion to meet one of viral videos top stars:
Aaron Bidochka started out as radio control hobbiest with a fascination for video and new technology. He turned his obsession with remote controlled cars, trucks and drones into worldwide phenom video series - ”RC ADVENTURES“ - now viewed 800-850K times per day.. some days, over 1 Million.. Aaron is a huge fan of public broadcasting and promises to share everything he’s learned about finding and attracting a loyal audience online.

To help us turn all that savvy into strategy - the Executive Producer of Digital News for CBC Toronto Pras Rajagopalan deconstructs the strategies behind some of the public broadcasting’s most watched online video. What makes a good viral, how do you shoot and build the story, how and when do you release it and package it?

View the viral showreel here: