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Thessaloniki is getting ready for INPUT 2017

12 September 2016

Greece, Thessaloniki

The International Board has convened in the Greek City of Thessaloniki and met with the local organising and hosting team.

The colleagues from Municipality TV 100, the Greek public broadcaster ERT and the Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki have presented a terrific concept for the next conference which will be opened on 8 May 2017 at the Olympion Cinema in the heart of the City. Just a short walk from there, at the Pier 1, we will continue with the INPUT sessions on the premises of the Thessaloniki Film Festival.

INPUT 2017 in Thessaloniki promises to be

  • a unique mixture of 2000 years of culture,
  • a direct encounter with how we address people who take refuge in our countries,
  • a meeting with a public broadcaster who has been shut down for 2 years to be re-opened in June 2015
  • a discussion of the future of public media while overlooking Mount Olympus and the Aegean.

We recommend to save the date 7 to 11 May 2017 for INPUT 2017.

The call for submission will be out on 1 November, and we will ask for

  • Factual Programmes / information
  • Factual Programmes / culture
  • TV Fiction Programmes ( no crime please!)
  • New Formats
  • Cross Media (focus on VR, 360, TOV, social media-based projects)
  • Tailor-Made for INPUT

Deadline for submitting to the International Selection for INPUT 2017 will be 21 December 2016. Our newsletter /website will keep you updated.

Last but not least: Certainly all of you are aware, that the decision to bring INPUT to Greece, to a country that has been and still is in the news not because of its flourishing economy is also an act of solidarity. For this reason, we have to raise the conference fee to 170€. This solidarity fee will allow that our Greek colleagues cannot only host but also attend INPUT 2017, by having to pay a reduced rate of 50€.