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Which programmes will you find at INPUT 2015 in Tokyo?

31 January 2015, © INPUT

Germany, Berlin

Results of the International Selection 2015 in Berlin

The choices for INPUT 2015 have been made: about 70 programmes will be screened from 11 to 14 May.
They cover a broad spectrum of what is produced for public media today, from an unhosted talk-show in an elevator, a huge internationally coproduced investigation on Snowden to scientific education for pre-school audience or news presented by African rappers. Moving documentaries, innovative web-series, well balanced journalism versus authors taking a very personal position.

The conference in Tokyo will raise questions that everyone who is working for public media has to deal with: how far do we go in our quest for the viewer? Where to draw the line when using hidden camera or working with children? At which point do we start to exploit our protagonists who are ready to do almost anything for their few minutes of fame on the screen? What happens once the camera is gone? How do we sufficiently fulfill our task as fourth estate?

The programmes that will be presented and discussed at INPUT 2015 originate from all five continents. All productions should be accompanied by one of its makers, so you have a chance to meet colleagues from around the world in Tokyo.

INPUT 2015 Programme